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“Safety First, Good Shooting Second!”

Stead Hall Firearms was established in 2008 and is a family run business originally being the vision of John Fearnley. Stead Hall firearms  was set up to complement Stead Hall Rifle and Pistol Club which opened in 2005. Restructuring of family responsibilities enabled John Fearnley to focus solely on these projects and since they have gone from strength to strength.

The main aims of Stead Hall Firearms are to provide an efficient, reliable, good value, friendly service based on years of experience with firearms.

Stead Hall Firearms Shop

We buy and sell all makes of rifles, shotguns and air rifles. We have a unique try before you buy facility on used guns. Gunsmithing services are also provided.
We are willing to make our unique facilities available to registered firearms holders with private hire of the range. The range has two indoor firing positions with a shooting distance of 100 yards. We have wheelchair access. Costs for this are available on request.

Stead Hall firearms hopes to dispel some myths about shooting and enhance the sporting and hunting shooting community.

Stead Hall Rifle and Pistol Club (RPC)

Stead Hall RPC is a home office approved club and runs from the range located on Stead Hall Farm. This is located in Burley Woodhead on Stead Hall Farm just 1 ½ miles away from Burley in Wharfedale, 3 miles from Ilkley in West Yorkshire. It opened in 2005 following completion of the building work and validation with the home office.

Stead Hall RPC offers an excellent facility for small bore and full bore rifles. We have two indoor firing positions with a shooting distance of 100 yards. We have a retrieving target system in place. Shooting is possible from a sitting, standing or prone position. We have wheelchair access also.

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