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Stead Hall Rifle and Pistol Club (RPC)

Stead Hall RPC is a home office approved club and runs from the range located on Stead Hall Farm. This is located in Burley Woodhead on Stead Hall Farm just 1 ½ miles away from Burley in Wharfedale, 3 miles from Ilkley in West Yorkshire. It opened in 2005 following completion of the building work and validation with the home office.

Stead Hall RPC offers an excellent facility for small bore and full bore rifles. We have two indoor firing positions with a shooting distance of 100 yards. We have a retrieving target system in place. Shooting is possible from a sitting, standing or prone position. We have wheelchair access also.

Membership for the year is £200 this gives unlimited range visits. The minimum age for membership is 14 years old however we request that 14-16 year olds attend with an accompanying guardian or parent.

None members and guests are permitted only by prior arrangement and charged at £20 per hour.

Stead Hall RPC offers probationary membership to novice shooters. This involves six months of supervised shooting with the use of Stead Hall RPC rifles. Stead Hall RPC has a collection of rifles available for this purpose and can cater for all shooters.

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